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All kinds of daily necessities such as rubber gloves, wipe kitchen towels, scouring pad, square cotton and other kitchen utensils, tableware, cleaning products, hardware tools and so on.

Three servo motor driven ; no product, no pack; auto feeding
Human machine interface, PLC program
Photo cell sensor, auto tracking for cutting position
Film holder with auto centering device
Security protective measures reach EU CE certificate
Box motion type end sealer with hermetic sealing
Auto center sealing wheels with pneumatic driven auto engage and disengage 
Cantilevered touch screen
10 recipes: keep up to 10 products recipes
Adjustable bag former
Gusset fold device
Alarm device for emergency stop
MIS (Misplaced Item Skip) device 

Note:The above dimension is based on 3 meter input conveyor and detailed size will be subject to contract The above parameter is maximum packaging range and detailed paramater is according to customers' products.